Florida’s cities are making strides in protecting lesbian gay bisexual and transgender rights while state efforts falter according to the Human Rights Campaign.  The national LGBT group is releasing its sixth annual municipal equality index.

Rachel Iacovone

It’s Oct. 11, which means it’s National Coming Out Day. The holiday was first created by the LGBT civil rights activist group the Human Rights Campaign, or HRC, nearly three decades ago.

When it began, it was in the midst of the AIDS crisis, which was largely associated with gay men in the 1980s. Since then, the spread of HIV and AIDS is much better understood, and the LGBT community, as a whole, has made several strides.

Miami-Dade commissioners on Tuesday rejected a ban on gay-conversion therapy for minors, saying the proposed crackdown would thrust local government into a parent’s right to make decisions about a child’s mental health and address matters of sexuality within the family.

Alice Donovan Rouse / Unsplash

Pride-SWFL, a local nonprofit, is hosting its ninth annual gay pride celebration this weekend.

Though it will include the usual live music, food and drinks of a pride festival, the event, fittingly named SWFL Pride, prides itself on being volunteer-run and will feature members of other nonprofits in the area as well as community groups and supportive religious organizations.

Photo: The Laboratory Theater of Florida

The Laboratory Theater of Florida is currently running performances of the black comedy “Sordid Lives,”  an LGBT cult classic about family members dealing with their demons as they gather together after a death in the family. Audiences are invited after Thursday's performance to participate in a ‘talk back’ panel about ideas found in the play, from grappling with an LGBT identity, to gay conversion therapy, to institutionalization.