Searching for a Safer Golf Swing

May 1, 2018

Older golfers make up a large percentage of the overall golfing population in the United States, and that’s especially true here in southwest Florida. But, a golf swing can be hard on a person’s body, and their back in particular, and that can take a person off the course entirely. We’re going to learn about a new research study at Florida Gulf Coast University that seeks to discover ways to increase the longevity of people’s golf games. And, we’re going to learn about the university’s PGA Golf Management Program, it’s one of just 18 in the country.

We're joined by FGCU junior Thor Parrish, who conducted the study, along with Dr. Maria Colmer, who is an Associate Professor - Rehabilitation Sciences and who helped with the study. And, we're joined by Tara McKenna, she's director of the PGA Golf Management Program.