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Host, Reporter

John Davis has been a full-time Reporter/Producer for WGCU since 2009. He is the local host for NPR’s Morning Edition and producer and host for WGCU’s radio talk program Gulf Coast Live! John came to WGCU as an intern in 2007, and is now reporting on a broad spectrum of topics of interest to Southwest Florida.  Prior to joining WGCU, he worked at WDUQ-FM in Pittsburgh, PA covering local government and general assignments.John studied journalism at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, before earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University. His work has garnered awards from the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania, the Radio Television Digital News Association, and a first place award and “Best in Show” from the Florida Associated Press for his investigative work in 2011.

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Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which led to the establishment of Israel and the Palestinian territories. The letter was sent on behalf of the British government to a Jewish community leader, expressing the government's support of a Jewish home state, and a century later, its 67 words have just as much impact.

Rock for Equality

Nov 2, 2017

Friday, Nov. 3, Bury Me Brewing and HOWL Gallery/Tattoo in Fort Myers host the “Rock for Equality” event to benefit the Southwest Florida chapter of the advocacy group Showing Up for Racial Justice.  

As generations of people and even civilizations come and go, it’s a mere geologic second for the visible stars in our skyscape.  What we see today hasn’t changed much from the time of the ancient Greeks and we still use the names they gave to identify constellations and map the night sky. In this week’s encore essay from News-Press storyteller Amy Bennett Williams, she considers our human fascination with celestial bodies and perhaps how other cultures throughout the ages have interpreted the stars.  

Deborah Feingold

The 12th Annual Sanibel Island Writers Conference runs Nov. 2-5 at BIG Arts and the Sanibel Island Public Library.  The event’s extensive list of speakers, authors and musicians attracts aspiring and professional writers alike from all over the country to hone their craft through a long weekend of meetings, lectures and workshops.  


Thursday at 1:00 p.m.:  We wrap up this week’s series of conversations about development in Southwest Florida with a closer look at plans to develop Fort Myers Gardner’s Park neighborhood into an artisan district including art studios, small shops, galleries, living spaces and much more.  The idea is intended, in part, to attract millennials to Fort Myers.