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We’re joined by Florida’s CFO Jimmy Patronis to explore what recourse you have if your insurance company still hasn’t covered your hurricane-related claims. He’s head of the Florida Division of Consumer Services, whose insurance specialists are standing by 24 hours a day to field consumer complaints. Once a complaint has been filed, insurance companies, by statute, have just 20 days to respond to the Department. You can find out what your rights are as a residential property policyholder in the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights.

And, we’ll chat with someone from the Better Business Bureau about what you can do if a contractor has left you and your hurricane damage in the lurch.


In case you hadn't noticed craft beer has kind of taken over the world in recent years. Small breweries are popping up in communities all across the country, and home brewing has practically gone mainstream. We're joined by the owner of Eight Foot Brewing in Fort Myers. He's going to be teaching a class on brewing and appreciating beer at the Alliance for the Arts. We're also joined by the owner of BrewStory in Estero, where you can buy all of your beer brewing supplies. And we'll meet a local man who has been brewing his own beer at home for about four years.


Have you ever looked into your family’s history? Maybe you’ve even had your DNA tested by a company like 23andMe? We’re joined by the Lee County Genealogy Society's past president Carol Rooksby Weidlich, and FGCU professor Karen Ryan who is teaching a course on genealogy, to discuss the many ways it’s the possible these days to explore our roots.

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As we enter 2018 we're taking a look back at how the endangered Florida panther population fared last year. Biologists say the panther population is growing, and that the number of overall documented panther deaths was down in 2017 for the first time in years. Thirty panthers died last year, with 25 killed by motor vehicles. That's down from 2016's record number of 42 overall deaths with 34 vehicle kills.

Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs

The FGCU College of Arts and Sciences kicks off its Seidler Family Lecture Series with a visit from Dr. Lisa Anderson. She is the James T. Shotwell Professor Emeritas of International Relations at Columbia University and serves as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Her resume includes serving as Dean of the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs and President of the American University in Cairo.

Her speaking engagement is entitled “The State and its Competitors in the Arab World.”  She will look at the role government plays in Arab cultures where other factions like family, tribe, and religion constantly compete for loyalty while fulfilling day-to-day needs.