Quincy J Walters


Quincy Walters is a reporter and backup host for WGCU.

He started in public radio as an intern at WUSF, the NPR member station for the Tampa Bay area. A year later, he was a production intern for NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered in Washington, D.C. After Quincy’s internship, he returned to WUSF as a reporter.

His stories have aired on NPR's Weekend All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

Quincy earned a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from the University of South Florida.

Quincy J Walters / WGCU News

Lee County Schools held a press conference Thursday, one day after a mass shooting in a Broward County school.

Seventeen students and adults were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

Lee County School Superintendent Greg Adkins said the district is now considering an increase in school resource officers on middle and high school campuses as schools get more students

Quincy J Walters / WGCU News

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Republican Adam Putnam made a campaign stop in Fort Myers Tuesday in his bid to be the next governor of Florida. 


Quincy J Walters / WGCU News

It’s been nearly five months since Hurricane Irma hit Florida. This week and next, an economic recovery workshop is traveling across the state, seeing what counties and small businesses need to help them bounce back and how to better handle the next disaster.

Quincy J. Walters / WGCU News

Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, hundreds of families fled to the mainland. Most of them have settled in Florida.

Here in Southwest Florida, Lee County saw almost 200 students join school; only a few have withdrawn to return to Puerto Rico since the island slowly started to recover.

One family we introduced you to shortly after the hurricane faced a similar decision — return to Puerto Rico or stay here.  Some went back, while others stayed.

Friends of Koreshan State Park

This year is the 25th annual Koreshan Ghost Walk. In the late 19th century, a utopian community known as the Koreshan Unity was established in Estero. The ghosts of the Koreshan faith will soon roam the grounds at night, acting out a play which tells the story of the religion’s rise and fall.