Richard Chin Quee

Production Manager

Richard Chin Quee has been WGCU’s technical producer on many of our programs, including With the Wild Things, Florida Book Reviews, and our own live call-in show, Gulf Coast Live! since 2006.

He worked on the Peabody Award-winning program Lucia's Letter, alongside WGCU's news director, Amy Tardif, recording and editing the readings of the letter in its multiple languages.

Richard is also the primary manager of WGCU-FM's web content. He’s available for studio rental for networks and stations worldwide who use WGCU’s studios to interview guests as well as for bands, soloists and anyone who wants to rent the studios for recordings or podcasts.

Ways to Connect

Our conversations with the candidates continue.  We’ll hear from Florida Senate contenders Republican Lizbeth Benaquisto and Democrat Debbie Jordan vying for the state Senate District 30 seat.  We’ll also talk with Republican Scott Hopes and Democrat Dwight Bullard facing off in November to represent Florida Senate District 39.

With the fall political season upon us, we’ll explore the newest exhibit at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates titled “Edison & Ford Editorial Cartoons: Then and Now.”  We’ll take a look at the role of editorial cartoons throughout the history  with a focus on Ft. Myers own Thomas Edison and Hendry Ford.  

Plus, a consortium of government agencies and other groups including The Nature Conservancy and Walmart closed a deal this week on a 1,278 acre site for panther habitat preservation.  We’ll take a closer look at the effort and the status of the endangered Florida panther.

A community is in mourning this week following the recent suicide death of Cape Coral teen, and Ida Baker High School Junior Sierra Hixenbaugh.  Students close to Sierra have reported the 16-year-old was a victim of bullying. 

Sierra attended the same school as Jeffrey Johnston who was also bullied and took his own life seven years ago.  We’ll speak with Jeffrey’s mother, anti-bullying advocate, Debbie Johnston, who championed passage of a Florida law requiring schools to establish policies to stop bullying.

Many consider cognitive decline an inevitable part of the aging process, but is it something we can take proactive steps to prevent?  We’ll talk with a researcher at the University of South Florida’s School of Aging Studies about an ongoing brain fitness study and how to delay or prevent cognitive impairment later in life.