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Topher is a reporter at WGCU News. 

He formerly freelanced for WNYC radio in New York City. He holds a master's degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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A recent report showed thousands of Sarasota County families are living beyond their means when it comes to housing. The report commissioned by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation also said because of that lack of affordable housing and low wages, families are cutting costs in risky ways.

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The Argentine black and white tegu is one of the newest, biggest threats to Florida’s natural wildlife. The large, invasive lizard was first noticed in the wild roughly 10 years ago. Now, it has two main breeding populations and biologists are trying to contain them. They want to stop tegus from becoming established throughout the state.

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A two-part discussion on the state of medical marijuana in Florida. First, we explore new policies and proposals that would expand the uses of medical marijuana. A 2016 ballot initiative is trying again to collect signatures. At the same time, state lawmakers are filing bills they want to be heard in the upcoming legislative session.

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A new exhibit at the Blanchard House Museum of African American History and Culture of Charlotte County explores what changes took place in the years following the Civil War. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Reconstruction.

The exhibit also focuses on Florida during this time.

The Reconstruction Era was from 1865 to 1877. Martha Bireda is the Executive Director of the Blanchard House Museum.

She said the recently freed blacks faced several challenges during this time.

The State University System of Florida’s Board of Governors is asking state lawmakers to give them funding for more law enforcement and mental health counseling positions.

Proponents said the roughly $20 million would make state campuses safer.