Florida Cities Protest President-Elect Donald Trump

Nov 14, 2016

Miami joined the growing list of cities to host Anti-Trump protests Friday night, following president-elect Donald Trump’s victory last Tuesday.  Miami Police said there were more than 2000 people involved.  

That crowd included FAU student Caitlyn Rittenhouse, who said she has concerns about a Trump presidency as a member of the LGBT community.

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Ballot amendments, state and national races, and a divisive presidential race: the 2016 general election has come and gone, but how did Florida vote? And how does voters feel the day after the election?

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Veteran’s Day is Friday, Nov. 11, and after more than a decade and a half of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, a growing generation of men and women are being honored as "post-9/11" veterans. It's a new generation of vets facing longer deployments and what many have call "a different type of war."

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WGCU compiled a list of officials who Southwest Florida voters elected to represent their districts and counties on Tuesday. 

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A thin margin separates the presidential candidates nationally, but here in Southwest Florida, Hillary Clinton supporters anticipating an early win in the sunshine state say they’re now preparing for a long night.

At the Harborside Convention Center in Fort Myers, you can almost feel the crowd hold its breath as a massive screen displays the latest numbers for Florida and the nation: a presidential race that’s too close to call.