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Veteran’s Day is Friday, Nov. 11, and after more than a decade and a half of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, a growing generation of men and women are being honored as "post-9/11" veterans. It's a new generation of vets facing longer deployments and what many have call "a different type of war."

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WGCU compiled a list of officials who Southwest Florida voters elected to represent their districts and counties on Tuesday. 

Matthew Smith

A thin margin separates the presidential candidates nationally, but here in Southwest Florida, Hillary Clinton supporters anticipating an early win in the sunshine state say they’re now preparing for a long night.

At the Harborside Convention Center in Fort Myers, you can almost feel the crowd hold its breath as a massive screen displays the latest numbers for Florida and the nation: a presidential race that’s too close to call.

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It’s standing room only where Florida Gulf Coast University’s Coalition of Black Organizational Leaders is hosting a results viewing party. Turnout is close to 100 students. 

Matthew Smith

Sharon Harrington failed to get the votes she needed to keep her job as the Lee County Supervisor of Elections beginning in the August primary. She faced a run-off and challenger Tommy Doyle pulled ahead by more than six points. Real estate developer Mike Bauman voted for Doyle. He said overcrowded  polling sites and other issues in past elections meant it was time for a change.