Anti-Corruption Bill Faces Rocky Path

Jan 20, 2016

A major ethics and anti-corruption bill that advocates say is long overdue - but critics say may go too far - faces a rocky path in the Florida Legislature.

Witness Reluctance

Jan 13, 2016
Voluntary Amputation via Flickr

Law enforcement investigations and criminal prosecutions can be stymied by the reluctance of witnesses to come forward with information.  State Rep. Ed Narain, D-Tampa, has proposed a bill for the current Florida Legislative Session aimed at addressing the problem.  Narain says he’s tired of reading about homicides that go unsolved because witnesses are afraid to come forward with information that could lead to arrests.  His proposal would exempt the identities of witnesses in felony investigations from public records requirements in an effort to help more witnesses feel safe coming forward. 

Florida’s nursing profession could see some new recruits.  A plan to let Florida join a multi-state licensure compact is working its way through the legislature.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has made health-care cost transparency a priority this year, and a Northeast Florida lawmaker is sponsoring a version of Scott’s vision.

Sen. Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island) has filed a bill would make average prices for common hospital procedures easily accessible to patients.

The 2016 Florida legislative session begins January 12. That’s earlier than its usual March start. Lawmakers have sixty days to do at least one thing – pass a state budget. This after the 2015 legislative session ended early when House members walked out. There were three special sessions last fall; one to pass the budget, and two more to draw congressional and senate district maps.