Puerto Rico

Amidst the aftermath of Hurricane Maria’s devastating effects on Puerto Rico, Florida lawmakers believe the State has been inactive when tackling the issue of displaced Puerto Ricans. This has opened the floodgates for an issue Florida has been dealing with for years.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is partnering with the South Florida Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce and a private university from the Caribbean island to offer jobs to Hurricane Maria's evacuees.

Governor Rick Scott is heading to Puerto Rico Monday.

Quincy J. Walters / WGCU News

Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, hundreds of families fled to the mainland. Most of them have settled in Florida.

Here in Southwest Florida, Lee County saw almost 200 students join school; only a few have withdrawn to return to Puerto Rico since the island slowly started to recover.

One family we introduced you to shortly after the hurricane faced a similar decision — return to Puerto Rico or stay here.  Some went back, while others stayed.

Four months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, FEMA analysis showed that only 1 percent of island residents still rely on emergency food and water to survive. So the federal agency plans to “shut off” those supplies on Jan. 31, 2018.