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Pope Addresses U.N. on Human Rights


From the studios of NPR West, this is Day to Day. I'm Alex Chadwick.


I'm Madeleine Brand, coming up the debate over the debate, outrage over ABC's moderators at this week's Democratic debate and the defense from ABC's Jake Tapper.

CHADWICK: First story, Pope Benedict XVI spoke at the United Nations this morning. His theme was human rights and how one country's actions can affect the world community.

BRAND: He said war and environmental degradation compromise human dignity and diminish the common good. Here he is speaking through a translator.

POPE BENEDICT: (Through Translator) Each state has the overarching duty to protect its population against serious and repeated violations of human rights as well as the consequences of humanitarian crises due to natural causes or resulting from man's activities.

CHADWICK: Among those human rights, the Pope said, are peace and religious freedom. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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