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Remembering 4 Electronic Musicians Lost In The Oakland Warehouse Fire

It has been a week since a massive fire in Oakland, Calif., claimed the lives of 36 people at a party in a warehouse. "Ghost Ship," as the space was known, was an artist community and music venue, and many of the people who attended the concert the night of last week's deadly fire were up-and-coming electronic music artists.

Among those who died that night are electronic musicians Johnny Igaz, Cash Askew, Chelsea Faith and Travis Hough. Igaz's project goes by the name of Nackt. Askew was a member of the Bay Area group Them Are Us Too. Faith's project is called Cherushii; Hough was in the Oakland-based band Ghost of Lightning.

Some of our friends at Youth Radio call the Oakland arts scene home, and they have chosen to honor these four musicians by producing a sampling of their music. Hear the mini-mix at the audio link; find the full songs in the playlist below.

This mix was produced by Cari Campbell and Brandon McFarland of Youth Radio.

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