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SWFL Poet Sara Comito Publishes Debut Poetry Collection “Bury Me in the Sky”

Fort Myers-based poet Sara Comito
Portrait photo and Book Cover by Mike Kiniry, WGCU
Fort Myers-based poet Sara Comito and her debut poetry collection "Bury Me in the Sky"

Just before impacts of the coronavirus began to impact Florida, Fort Myers-based author, poet, editor and stonemason Sara Comito published her debut collection of poetry “Bury Me in the Sky.”

Comito’s work on this collection began long before any looming threat of the COVID-19 pandemic began, but as author and poet David Morgan O’Connor wrote in his review of the poetry collection, “Each verse swivels towards hope, which is no easy feat in our current situation.”

We’ll talk with Comito about her craft and hear a selection of poems from the new collection.