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Videos From Downtown BLM Protest Show Counter-Protester Pulling Gun Outside Florida Capitol

Florida's Historic Capitol building
Florida's Historic Capitol building

Multiple videos circulating on social media show a counter-protester pulling a handgun on Black Lives Matter protesters following a brief scuffle Saturday evening.

Like prior protests outside Florida's Historic Capitol, the footage shows protesters had taken to the intersection of Apalachee Parkway following a march through downtown Tallahassee.

In the video, a counter-protester is seen walking through the protest, occupying the middle of the intersection, and is followed by a group of protesters. The counter-protester appears to turn around and advance on a protester, punches are thrown - and seconds later the counter-protester is seen holding a pistol, aimed at a protester.

A Tallahassee Police officer is seen approaching the counter-protester with his gun drawn. The counter-protester hands the officer his gun, and is consequently handcuffed.

A Black Lives Matter protester asks another police officer in the video if the counter-protester who brandished the pistol was in custody. The officer answered yes, the man was taken into custody.

Tallahassee Police have not confirmed to WFSU that the man was arrested.

This is a developing story, check back to WFSU for updates

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Ryan Dailey is a reporter/producer for WFSU/Florida Public Radio. After graduating from Florida State University, Ryan went into print journalism working for the Tallahassee Democrat for five years. At the Democrat, he worked as a copy editor, general assignment and K-12 education reporter.