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Dept. of Health in Collier County Will Provide Mobile COVID-19 Testing


The Florida Department of Health in Collier County will offer mobile COVID-19 testing to its residents within the next month.

Last week, county officials purchased a small RV that will be repurposed for medical testing.

DOH-Collier Public Information Officer Kristine Hollingsworth said the department has been looking to provide the service for a while now.

“Having a mobile unit is definitely something we can advertise where people may not be getting health services or in this case COVID-19 testing in their area routinely,” Hollingsworth said. “This is something where we can bring [those services] to people.”

The health vehicle was made possible through federal CARES Act funding given to the county.

Patients won’t need an ID for the mobile COVID tests, but will need to provide an accurate name, address and telephone number, so staffers can mail results.

Hollingsworth said DOH-Collier staffers will take the vehicle to communities where testing is most needed, such as farmworker housing camps and work sites.