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Captiva Experiences Large Erosion Event Due to Eta

Loss of sand and new escarpments on Captiva.
Courtesy Captiva Erosion Prevention District
Loss of sand and new escarpments on Captiva.

Hurricane Eta caused a large erosion event on Captiva Island resulting in a major loss of sand from its beach and escarpments ranging 2 to 6 feet.

According to theCaptiva Erosion Prevention District, or CEPD, without Captiva’s beach dunes, peoples homes would be at an even higher risk for storm surge and flood damage, especially considering current rates of sea level rise and storm frequency. Dune systems act as a natural barrier that protects what's behind them. Mangroves and other biological environments also work to protect our communities from the threats of Climate Change.

CEPD is preparing for a beach nourishment project, and is planning to apply for FEMA funding, similar to what they did after Hurricane Irma. To learn more, visit https://www.mycepd.com/, or attend the Captiva Community Panel's first public forum of the Captiva Sea Level Rise Committee on Thursday, November 19 at 7pm. Details at https://captivacommunitypanel.com.