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Cobress Drops Final Chapter of Album “Neon Royale”

Album art design by Colin Orion
Cover art for Cobress' album "Neon Royale Chapter Four: Air"

In October, the Southwest Florida-based band Cobress dropped the fourth and final chapter of their album “Neon Royale.” Songs from each chapter embody aspects of the four sacred elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Over the course of the past year, Cobress has been releasing chapters of the album incrementally. The musicians in Cobress have developed a unique genre-blending sound that includes elements of cyberpunk, gothic electronic rock, darkwave pop, synthwave and witchwave.

We catch up with band members Colin Orion (bass, synth, vocals), Frankie Orion (guitar, synth, vocals) and Xid, (guitar, synth, vocals) as we hear music from the new album and explore their artistic endeavors outside the band.