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Thousands of Lee County Drivers Eligible for Toll Amnesty Program

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About 5,800 Lee County drivers are eligible to save money on overdue toll fines.

The Lee County Clerk of Court released a statement announcing overdue toll fine citations have been reduced to $10 per citation. The toll amnesty program is a partnership between the Lee Clerk of Courts and Lee County judges.

In addition to reducing toll fines, all collection, delinquency and payment plan fees are waived. However, the license reinstatement fee is still expected to be paid.

According to the Lee Clerk's office, the toll amnesty program was launched last month, and saved drivers $1.55 million in the first two weeks.

“This is an excellent opportunity for anybody who has an overdue toll citation to save hundreds of dollars," Lee County Clerk Linda Doggett said in statement. "Paying these overdue toll fines in full may make these individuals eligible to reinstate their driving license.”

The amnesty program applies to overdue toll fine citations filed with the Clerk prior to Jan. 1, 2020.

To participate in the toll amnesty program, Lee County drivers can visit LeeClerk.org to schedule an appointment or connect with a representative via TeleClerk, or by calling 239-533-5000.