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Marcus Jansen Retrospective Exhibition Now at the Baker Museum

09MJ Rural America.jpg
Courtesy of the Baker Museum
Marcus Jansen, Rural America, 2018. Oil enamels, oil stick, paper, cloth and spray paint on canvas. 50 x 74 inches. From the collection of Corrado and Christina.

The Baker Museum at Artis Naples continues it’s 20th anniversary season with an exhibition of works by world-renowned modern urban expressionist painter Marcus Jansen titled, Marcus Jansen: Two Decades of Relevance. The exhibition runs through July 25.

Jansen, who maintains studios in Fort Myers and in New York, is a pioneering innovator of the modern expressionist movement and his work is included in a number of permanent collections including at the Smithsonian Institution, the University of Michigan Museum of Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Kallmann-Museum in Munich, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the New Britain Museum of American Art among others.

We talk with Jansen about his life, his art, and how his paintings engage our understanding of power structures, politics, and economics and motivate us to view these social constructs through a different lens.