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Pediatricians Release Video Stressing Masks

A still from the video.
A still from the video.

With school set to start in Collier County this week, local pediatricians released a videoyesterday to get the word out about what they are seeing. Pediatricians from practices all over Collier County weighed in with a message: Kids should be wearing masks at school. The doctors report seeing a significant increase in hospitalizations in kids in the last few weeks.

“These are not just positive kids. These are sick kids that are needing the intensive care unit and needing oxygen and other medications like adults.”

That’sDr. Maria-Isabel Rosas of Kidz Medical Services at NCH Healthcare. She reminds people that the Delta variant of the coronavirus is very infectious: Moreso than Ebola and smallpox.

Dr. Salvatore Anzalone of the Healthcare Networks of southwest Florida adds that facilities are reaching capacity:

“My colleagues and I have seen an overwhelming increase of COVID amongst our children. Our offices are overwhelmed. We implore you to protect your children. Protect our community, and mask up. Please.”

Although Governor Ron DeSantis passed an executive order at the end of July that keeps schools from instituting a mask mandate, it’s clear that the pediatricians on the front lines of the pandemic want kids wearing masks.

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