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Podcast co-creator remembers Julie Glenn

Gina Birch, longtime writer, emcee, and host in Southwest Florida met Julie Glenn over a shared love of good wine, conversation and journalism.

“Julie’s intellect, energy and enthusiasm for life was obvious to everyone who met her,” said Birch. “I had the honor of teaming with her to bring a new style of wine conversation to the world.”

The duo created Grape Minds, a podcast produced at WGCU. They used their combined experience to bring a unique voice to wine enthusiasts.

“We dove deep into the history, politics, culture and personalities of the wine world,” said Birch. “But we always kept it fun because stuffy, fussy snobbery is not our style.”

The two covered events ranging from the world-famous Naples Winter Wine Festival to unknown growers testing out new varietals.

“We interviewed winemakers, talked with importers, and dug into the issues and nuances of wine in the modern world while always keeping it relatable,” said Birch.

“She was one hell of an amazing human being, said Birch. “Keep the bubbles cold. Until next time, my friend.”