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Sanibel Causeway opened briefly today for utilities and other official vehicles

Tuesday afternoon, Governor DeSantis shared at a news conference in Punta Rassa that temporary repairs to the Sanibel Causeway will allow a one-time convoy of power restoration equipment, supplies, and crews to access Sanibel Island and continue restoration efforts.

"200 bucket trucks, 150 line in pickup trucks towing 50 trailers, 2 tractor trailers, other first responders," said DeSantis. "They are actually going to be able to cross Sanibel Causeway and drive onto the island today."

As the governor spoke, a long convoy of trucks could be seen in the background rolling onto the storm-damaged island.

"They are going to be working to restore, for the power situation, it will require some of this to be rebuilt," DeSantis continued. "I mean, for those of you who've been out on that island, you know, you see concrete poles, the utility poles snapped in half and that's actually a pretty common sight to see. So, it is going to require a lot of manpower. It's going to require a lot of effort."

Once crews are on the island, the Florida Department of Transportation will continue repairs to restore access to the island for residents, which officials say could be completed by the end of this month.