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Three state-wide amendments up for consideration by Florida voters

Three state-wide amendments before Florida voters Nov. 8 include ones touching on property taxes, the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, and expanding the homestead property tax exemption for homeowners with certain professions.

The three state amendments:

Florida Amendment 1, the Disregard Flood Resistance Improvements in Property Value Assessments Measure, would authorize the state legislature to pass laws prohibiting flood resistance improvements to a home from being taken into consideration when determining a property's assessed value for property tax purposes.

Florida Amendment 2, the Abolish the Constitution Revision Commission Measure, would abolish the Florida Constitution Revision Commission.

The commission was established in 1968 at a time when updating the state constitution had become extremely difficult. The 37-member panel convenes every 20 years and consists of 15 members appointed by whoever is governor at the time, 18 members appointed by legislative leaders, three members appointed by the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, and the state attorney general.

The function of the commission is to propose changes to the Florida Constitution and is currently set to reconvene in 2037.

The efficacy of the CRC has been called into question after the commission, in 2018, bundled unrelated items into singular ballot amendments, including one that both expanded rights of crime victims under "Marsy's Law" and raised the retirement age for judges. Another bundled a prohibition on offshore oil drilling with a ban on indoor electronic smoking or "vaping."

Florida is currently the only state with a Constitution Revision Commission.

Florida Amendment 3, would authorize the Florida State Legislature to provide an additional homestead property tax exemption of $50,000 on the assessed value between $100,000 and $150,000, exempting that amount from all taxes other than school district taxes, for property owned by certain public service workers, including K-12 classroom teachers, law enforcement officers, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, paramedics, active duty members of the military and Florida National Guard, and state child welfare service employees.

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