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FGCU unveils new logo; Celebrates past 25 years and heralds the next

Michael Braun
FGCU mascot Azul whips around a flag with the new FGCU logo at a public unveiling of the redesign Wednesday at the Veterans Pavilion and Library Lawn. The university's athletic eagle face has been paired with the blue and green acronym in the redesign.

FGCU's logo has gotten more personality.

The university's athletic eagle face is now paired with the blue and green acronym in a redesign that was unveiled Wednesday to students, faculty, staff in a public celebration at the Veterans Pavilion and Library Lawn.

The almost yearlong effort, FGCU’s first logo redesign, replaced the original O-shaped eagle symbol.

FGCU President Mike Martin explained why the need for the design.

"This is a chance to do a couple things," Martin told a packed center of campus at the unveiling. "Obviously one is to celebrate 25 years of remarkable remarkable change in progress at an ever better great university. So, people ask 'why do we change the logo?' And, one of the reasons we do it, it's in our tradition. You look around this campus, we are constantly finding ways to refresh who we are. Send new messages about who we are and inform the public that this is always a place seeking change and on the move."

Martin spoke about new buildings opened, new faculty and staff hired, new programs begun and records broken.

Michael Braun
FGCU President Mike Martin and student body president Grace Brannigan show off the new university logo at a public unveiling Wednesday on campus.

"It's time for us to pause and say this is now the beginning of the next great era of change, and that's what we do at a great university," he said. "So, I hope you understand this is a commitment to being exactly what FGCU is about. Always, always reintroducing ourselves to the people. We serve and explain to them this is a place that will continue, continue, continue to seek. To get better."

The new logo was greeted with applause and positive comment from those watching the ceremony.

"I think the new design is really cool and I appreciate FGCU for having this event and welcoming us and giving us free swag," said Sabrina Kernel, a grad student majoring in educational leadership from Brown County.

Ryan Alfano, a freshman business management major from Orlando, had a similar take.

"I kind of like how it's, we're moving in a new direction, something different you know came in," said Alfano. "I mean, it's nice that we're having, you know, a new generation of people come in, and we have a new logo to kind of show that as well."

wgcu logo.mp4

The logo redesign committee, composed of representatives from across the university, formed in January 2022. Members worked closely with the marketing and branding firm, Ologie. After conducting research on the university and its brand architecture, including several focus groups of diverse stakeholders, Ologie’s creative team came up with three options. Then constituents affiliated with FGCU were asked to vote. The Regional Economic Research Institute at FGCU conducted the survey.

The winner was a strong favorite over the other two options.

The new logo, and accompanying brand architecture, will be phased in through the winter and spring 2023.

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