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The Highwaymen Bring their Paintings to Sebring

A group of African-Americans in the 1950's painted elaborate Florida natural landscapes and sold their painting on the roadsides. They became known as the Highwaymen. Some of these Florida Artists Hall of Famers are coming to a festival in Sebring.

In the 1950s, local galleries wouldn't show the Highwaymen's paintings so they took their art to the streets and sold them out of car trunks to hotels, banks, and tourists. They sold for about $25 a pop. Now, they're worth hundreds if not thousands.Highwayman Al Black who started painting his local landscapes in the 60's is still painting today.

"They mean a lot to me. This kinda keeps me going", Black said. "I do a painting a week. I get kinda down and out but as long as I stay busy and everything, I feel good." 

Al Black and other artists with their paintings will be at the 28th annual Civilian Conservation Corps Festival. It's on Saturday in Sebring.