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Clyde Butcher’s Continued Recovery from Stroke

Courtesy of Clyde Butcher

Internationally renowned photographer and environmental advocate Clyde Butcher suffered a stroke in early May on the left side of his brain, which has affected his right hand and arm as well as his right leg.  For more than 30 years, Butcher has hiked deep into Big Cypress National Preserve, the western Everglades and other natural Florida locations to capture his iconic black and white photographs of our region’s pristine wild spaces. 

He was able to return home from a rehabilitation facility in Sarasota on Friday.  WGCU’s John Davis caught up with Butcher this week for a look at his continuing recovery and his plans to get back out in the swamps as soon as possible.  Their conversation began with a look back at the May 6th morning when Butcher woke up and found himself unable to walk.

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