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Quinnipiac Poll: Voters Dislike Education Agenda

Voters are not happy with certain education reform efforts by state leaders - in a survey by Quinnipiac University. The results come on the heels of a Quinnipiac poll that found voters aren’t ready to give Gov. Rick Scott a second term in office.

The results show voters are “dead-set” against a series of proposed school reforms.
The worst offender is a plan to set different achievement goals for students based on their race. 71% of those surveyed think it’s a bad idea, with just 7% saying they like it.

Most respondents don’t like a proposal to charge lower tuition for freshmen and sophomores than for upperclassmen.

They also don’t think liberal arts majors should have to pay higher tuition than students who major in fields like math and engineering.

Most of the registered voters surveyed are also skeptical of Gov. Rick Scott’s $10,000 degree challenge.

Scott has asked colleges to create affordable, four-year degree programs in high-demand areas like education and engineering. But only 29 percent of voters think colleges will actually do it.