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Palm Beach County School Board Won't Boycott Exams

Wikimedia Creative Commons

Palm Beach County school board members say they aren’t willing to test the state when it comes to boycotting required exams. School board members said Wednesday the consequences for students if the district breaks the law are too great.

But school board member Karen Brill says they’ll still let the state know how they feel.

“We get a whole bunch of yellow school buses, once the Legislature is in session, and load them up with parents and teachers and go up there and just park ourselves in the capitol and let ourselves be heard”, said Brill.

Last month Lee County’s school board became the first in Florida to boycott required exams. But facing the possibility that seniors couldn’t graduate and the loss of millions in funding, the board reversed its decision days later.

Despite that lesson, Brill says opposition to testing is growing across the state. The test results are used to determine which students are promoted, grades for public schools and ratings for teachers.