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Florida Sea Turtles Make Comeback with Residents' Help

Good news for some of Florida’s oldest residents: The number of endangered green sea-turtle nests across the state this year more than doubled the previous record high. 

There were more than 25,000 nests located in 2013, and the Fish and Wildlife Commission says a majority of them had eggs that hatched. 25 years ago, less than 500 nests were found in the entire state.

FWC Biologist Robbin Trindell credits conservation efforts by Floridians for much of the success.

“It is a challenge to have to take your beach chair off the beach, to have to take your tent off",Trindell said. "But, it is something that Floridians can do to directly contribute to the conservation of these endangered species.”

Nest counts and conservation efforts are paid for by the purchase of the sea turtle license plate, the third-most-popular specialty plate in Florida.