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Southwest Florida Solar-Powered Town Under Construction

Courtesy Kitson and Partners

Construction is underway for a solar-powered town in Southwest Florida. Babcock Ranch will cross Lee and Charlotte Counties. It could be home to some Floridians by 2017.

Developer Syd Kitson said the goal for Babcock Ranch is to be the most sustainable town in the United States. 

Florida Power and Light is helping with that mission. It’s building a solar power generating facility on the property.

“So, whenever the sun is shining, whenever the sun is out… our town will be powered by solar energy, the entire town and so that’s very, very unique,” Kitson said.

The town will be powered by natural gas at night.

Construction for Babcock Ranch began in November. Kitson and company announced it this week.

It’s been a long time in the making for Syd Kitson. He first purchased the property in 2006. He then sold the majority of the land to the state and Lee County. But, the economic downturn slowed Kitson’s plans to develop his town.

Kitson and his company are currently building utilities and infrastructure. He wants to begin building homes in late summer with the goal of moving people into Babcock Ranch in 2017.

Babcock Ranch will feature more than 19,000 homes and six million square feet of commercial space when fully built.