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Parasailing Regulations Proposed After Woman's Death

Another attempt to impose stricter regulations on parasailing operators is in the works.

It's prompted by the recent death of a second tourist in Pompano Beach.

Two state lawmakers already have bills planned for the next legislative session.

How and why a harness failed last month that separated a 28-year-old Connecticut woman from her high-flying chute is to be determined by several agencies, including the National Transportation Safety Board.

Kathleen Miskell fell some 150 ft. to her death.

But the circumstances surrounding another parasailing death in 2007 are clearer.

Then operators took out a 15-year-old girl and her sister - even with a thunderstorm warning in effect. The line snapped and the girls slammed into a hotel building killing one.

The girls' mother pushed for new laws, but nothing happened.

The proposed bills call for equipment inspections, ban sailing in bad weather, set a line-strength standard and limit how close to the beach and other structures the boats can be.

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