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What's Next for Dream Defenders After Stand-Your-Ground


The group known as the Dream Defenders isn’t done, even though a Florida House panel voted last week not to repeal its signature cause - the Stand Your Ground law. The Dream Defenders marched, protested and slept inside the state capitol for a month last summer. Their efforts began after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin in Sanford.Steven Pargett is Communications Director. He says they decided to focus their attention on building grassroots support after meeting stiff opposition in the statehouse.

"Our time in the capitol proved to us that with a Republican led House, Senate and Governor that really where our work needed to be was in the community", Pargett said.

They’ve been recruiting students by opening 8 chapters at colleges and universities across the state. Melanie Andrade is chapter president at Florida A&M University.

“The young people of the state of Florida are stepping up and we are a part of the process and we will continue to be a part of this process when it comes to discussing, reviewing, amending laws that have to do with us and our future”, said Andrade.

The Dream Defenders say they will continue fighting laws and practices that they say are discriminatory. They say there are racial disparities in the way the Stand Your Ground law is applied.