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Six Same-Sex Couples Sue State For Right To Marry

Chuck Coker via Flickr

Six couples from South Florida are legally challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.  Same-sex couples have never been allowed to marry in Florida. But 6 years ago a majority of voters chose to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage.

Attorney Shannon Minter argues that minority rights should never be put up to a popular vote

“It is uniquely and historically in our democratic constitutional system the role of the courts to enforce the guarantees of equal protection and due process", said Minter. "And when majorities enact laws that take rights away from minorities, the courts have been the ones to step up and correct that.”

Minter is one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs—which include the six couples and gay-rights group Equality Florida.

The movement to amend the state’s constitution to define marriage between one man and one woman was led by Florida Family Policy Council—a group based in Orlando.

The organization released a statement Tuesday saying that Floridians have already spoken decisively on the issue and vowed to defend the 2008 constitutional amendment.

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