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"King's dream hasn't been fulfilled," 86-year-old Civil Rights Activist Says


Parades, panels, and film screenings took place across the country Monday as people honored the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But community leaders in Central Florida say Dr. King’s full vision hasn’t been realized. One long-time activist is calling for an overhaul of the legal system.Charlie Jean Salter was at Tinker Field Stadium in Orlando when Dr. King came to speak in 1964. She remembers the crowd as sparse and tensions, high.

“When he finished speaking, he made this statement and I never will forget it. He said, Orlando is not ready for Civil Rights, and I won’t be back", remembered Salter.

Since then, the 86-year-old has played a role in de-segregating schools and the police force. But she calls the creation of policies that support fair housing, access to jobs, and better education real progress.

“The dream has not been fulfilled and for us to allow this thing to go unnoticed would be a disgrace", said Salter.

She believes teaching children about equality and community organizing are ways to advance civil justice.

Salter is one of the few living activists who was present during Dr. King’s visit to Central Florida.