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Texting Ban Followup

The state-wide ban on texting while driving which went into effect yesterday, already has a few vocal opponents. But one of the loudest opponents has no intention to call for its repeal. State Senator Maria Sachs thinks the texting ban needs to be stronger.

Today she announced that she will seek to make texting while driving a primary offense. Meaning you could be pulled over just for texting. The ban is currently a secondary offense, so you have to be pulled over for something else to get a citation.

"If you want to ban something, Ban it! Make it against the law", Sachs said. "What we're doing is building a culture of safety so that kids don’t even think twice about it just like putting their seatbelts on."

As the law stands, law enforcement officers have to find probable cause to stop the vehicle other than the texting she said.

Freddy Cruz from Miami-Dade Police Department says making it a primary offense will make it easier for them to enforce.

"Remember we're not just the bad guys to give the tickets", Cruz said. "When we can stop somebody and educate them and just make them aware listen please pull over for a second, you know we just want peoples responsibility and attention to be on the road."

He made sure to point out the texting ban it is no different than any other infraction like rolling through a stop sign. And like those rolling stops, you right to contest that in court.

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