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Manatee Land, Water, Fish, & Wildlife Preservation Bond Passes

Wikimedia Commons
Great Egret, Myakka River State Park

Manatee County Voters have decided to create a fund dedicated to land and water conservation.

Manatee County voters passed the “Water Quality Protection, Fish And Wildlife Habitat Preservation, And Park Ad Valorem Tax And Bonds” question.

The measure will provide funding to acquire and manage lands, protect water quality, prevent storm water runoff, create parks, and preserve fish and wildlife habitat. It is an attempt to protect Manatee County’s last remaining natural areas.

As a result of this passed referendum, the county can issue up to $50 million in bonds and implement a small property tax increase. The average homeowner will pay about $2.40 cents a month, or less than $30 a year.

The money will fund the acquisition and protection of land as it becomes available.

Prior to this bond passing, Manatee county did not have any dedicated funding for land and water conservation as several other Florida counties do.