Farah Dosani

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Farah Dosani

James Dwyer reminisces about his trip to Panama last May.

“It was just a great experience,” he said. “If you could have a good experience getting a root canal, I would say it was the best.”

Dwyer had never considered dental care overseas – that is until his appointment for a root canal got canceled weeks before his trip to Panama.

Farah Dosani

This time of year an army of workers converge on Florida’s citrus groves. They race through the trees, picking oranges and grapefruit that will make it into people’s morning glass of juice. Workers get paid by the box and don’t want to miss a second.

  Having a mental or emotional illness can be debilitating on many levels. It can keep people from working, holding jobs, and being around others.   However, a rehabilitation program is aiming to fill those gaps.

Farah Dosani

Jennifer Lee and her four year-old daughter Kristin check out the Halloween candy she brought home from school.

"Arlin was so sad that he couldn't go trick-or-treating that I promised him we wouldn't go either", reminded Lee to her daughter. "No, he couldn't go, because he was in the hospital, right?"

"No", answered Kristen.

Lee's seven-year-old son Arlin has been in a behavioral hospital in Orlando for almost two weeks. He lives with bipolar disorder and had reached a crisis point. The single mom drove her son three hours away from their Cape Coral home to get help.

Farah Dosani

A new report from the AARP assigned an economic value to family caregivers in the U.S. The study estimated their unpaid contributions to be approximately 450 billion dollars a year. 

But there is no way to quantify the physical and emotional costs of their care. The burden of caregivers can apparently be so stressful at times it can cost them their lives.