Farah Dosani

Former Intern, Reporter

With a national push from the government, more doctors and hospitals are switching their paper records to electronic. But many question whether now is the right time and what this transition means for their practices and patient care.

Medicaid Specialists

Aug 10, 2010

With the federal health care overhaul, Florida and other states brace for a large expansion of Medicaid in 2014. But many wonder who will take care of these new recipients. Patients today have trouble accessing doctors, because very few accept the insurance. Medicaid is even in state courts over the issue. Access to specialists is especially difficult for those on Medicaid in parts of Florida; some say it’s as bad as being uninsured.

Hindu Temple

Aug 19, 2009

Followers of the world's most ancient religion now have their own place of worship in Southwest Florida. The Hindu community is celebrating the completion of its new temple after years of holding services without one. The official grand opening is Sunday.