Richard Chin Quee

Production Manager

Richard Chin Quee has been WGCU’s technical producer on many of our programs, including With the Wild Things, Florida Book Reviews, and our own live call-in show, Gulf Coast Live! since 2006.

He worked on the Peabody Award-winning program Lucia's Letter, alongside WGCU's news director, Amy Tardif, recording and editing the readings of the letter in its multiple languages.

Richard is also the primary manager of WGCU-FM's web content. He’s available for studio rental for networks and stations worldwide who use WGCU’s studios to interview guests as well as for bands, soloists and anyone who wants to rent the studios for recordings or podcasts.

Ways to Connect

Amy Tardif

The Presidential election is less than a week away and the outcome will impact people far beyond the borders of the United States.  We’ll talk with a journalist from the online newspaper in Mali who is in Southwest Florida reporting on the election.  We’ll explore how America’s unique election process is viewed by an international audience and what citizens of other countries feel they have at stake in the U.S. presidential election.

With less than a week until the Nov. 6 election, we’ll have the final installment in our series of conversations with the candidates.  We’ll hear from Democratic incumbent U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.  We’ll also sit down with Democratic candidate for Florida’s District 16 congressional race, Keith Fitzgerald and the congressional District 17 Democratic candidate William Bronson.

With the November election less than two weeks away, our series of conversations with the candidates continues.  We’ll hear from Republican incumbent Bill Galvano and Democratic challenger Paula House who are vying for the State Senate District 26 seat representing DeSoto, Glades and Hardee counties and portions of Charlotte, Highlands and Manatee counties.  We’ll also talk with Republican 

Red Tide Update

Oct 24, 2012
Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

A Red Tide Algae bloom that first appeared weeks ago in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Sarasota county is now causing massive fish kills on beaches stretching from Charlotte to Collier counties.  We’ll take a closer look at Red Tide monitoring efforts as we get an update from experts with The Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute and Mote Marine Laboratory.  

Art and Politics

Oct 16, 2012

We’ll explore the convergence of art and politics in a conversation with artists involved in the gallery exhibition “State of Mind: Politics 2012,” now on display at the Lee County Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers.