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Tara Calligan

Social Media Manager
  • Bears begin eating more calories in the fall to pack on additional fat needed during the winter months. Bears will consume up to 20,000 calories per day and will snack on anything that’s convenient, including what's in your garbage.
  • What can you recycle in Lee County? We visit Lee County Solid Waste Recycling Center to find out what should, and should not, be recycled and how people can make the most of their efforts to help the environment.
  • This Wednesday SpaceX is planning to launch from Kennedy Space Center with four private astronauts on board for its Inspiration4 mission. It’s the first of its kind, with a crew made up entirely of civilians. Today, we meet space reporter Brendan Byrne from WMFE in Orlando to get a bit of a peek behind the curtain of that mission, and what else he's been covering.
  • Sea Turtle nesting season in Southwest Florida runs from April 15 through October 31, which means it’s beginning to wind down. Find out what it takes to monitor and help protect the large marine reptiles.
  • Bats have been in the news in recent years in connection to deadly epidemics including Ebola and COVID-19, yet scientists are discovering evidence that bats may hold a key to longer and healthier lives.
  • Monoclonal antibodies have been in the news lately since Florida opened more than a dozen state-run centers providing these Covid-19 treatments. These laboratory-made “substitute antibodies” can help the immune system recognize and respond more effectively to COVID-19. We learn how they work, and who are the best candidates for treatment — including whether they’re appropriate for younger patients.
  • The Florida Museum of Natural History is looking for your help to track two species of native bee that you’ll probably hear before you see. Southeastern plasterer bees live in scrub, pineland, and sandhill habitats; adjacent open areas; and along roadsides.
  • What is lightning, and how is it formed? Is all lightning made from the same stuff? How dangerous is lightning? Get all your lightning questions answered in this episode.
  • If no action is taken to reduce emissions by the end of this century, intense heat will cost Florida’s economy roughly $8 billion in lost work every year. And tens of millions of outdoor workers in the U.S. risk losing a collective $55.4 billion dollars in earnings each year by midcentury.
  • Hearings began Aug. 23 in a lawsuit brought by parents challenging Governor Ron DeSantis' executive order barring school districts from imposing mask mandates for students. Hearings in the legal challenge are expected to continue through Wednesday.Florida Democrats seeking to unseat Governor Ron DeSantis have focused heavily on the pandemic since the most recent surge in COVID-19 cases. A recent survey of voters indicates this strategy isn't hurting at this time.Sarasota Memorial Hospital is now leasing a refrigerated trailer to serve as an expanded morgue. The trailer isn't currently in use, but was leased in preparation for an expected surge in COVID-19 deaths in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Lee Health reported another record-high number of COVID-19 patients in its hospitals Monday, and capacity is stretched to the point that non-patient areas like cafeterias may be needed to care for patients.Sarasota Memorial Hospital is looking to boost the number of employees vaccinated against COVID-19 by offering $500 bonuses to staff who are fully inoculated by Oct. 1.