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China and the U.S.: Mirroring Our Times

Dr. Albert Keidel
Dr. Albert Keidel

Dr. Albert Keidel has spent his career studying the Chinese economy, and how it’s managed to experience 40-fold growth over the past 40 years.

Dr. Keidel served as acting director and deputy director for the Office of East Asian Nations at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Prior to that post, he covered economic trends, system reforms, poverty, and country risk as a senior economist in the World Bank office in Beijing.

He has worked in China, Japan, and Korea and taught graduate economics courses on China, Japan, and economic development. He is author of three books, including his latest “China's Economic Challenge: Unconventional Success” which is due out within the next few weeks.

He is currently adjunct graduate professor of economics at George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs.

He was on the Florida Gulf Coast University campus last week to talk to the FGCU Honors College for its Provost's Seminar Series — his visit is also part of the Naples Discussion Group’s 2021-2022 schedule. The topic of his talk was 'China and the U.S.: Mirroring Our Times.'

He joined us in-studio to discuss a wide variety of topics about China’s economy and history, including what role it might play in Russia’s future as it invades Ukraine.