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Fort Myers Nonprofit Pick Up the Ball Mentors Young Men

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Since 2012 the Fort Myers nonprofit Pick Up the Ball has been mentoring young men in low-income, high-risk areas in order to give them opportunities with the intent of raising their level of expectations for life, increasing their chances of success, and improving their understanding of different communities. It all started around pickup basketball games when its founder, Ted Sottong, was mentoring a young man who played a lot of ball. Sottong was a full time architect when this endeavor began, but he has been devoting himself to it full time since 2015. He joins us to tell us more. We also meet Brandon Battles, he is a 20 year old member of Pick Up the Ball, and is a freelance sports videographer who mostly shoots high school football games.

Click HERE to learn more about their upcoming Boarding House fundraiser.

Pick Up the Ball members.
Ted Sottong
Pick Up the Ball members.