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Political Stress Disorder & Outrage Addiction

Ted Eytan

Living through a pain trifecta of pandemic, economic crisis and civil unrest — then adding a wicked political season, which culminates in an attempted insurrection at our nation’s capitol — well, it can lead to serious psychological strain. No matter your opinion, the stress of watching our country writhe through this extremely divided moment in history can be excruciating. The feeling of being out of control and the desire to seek certainty sends some people to the more extreme fringes of their political persuasion, leaving those in the middle exasperated and fearful of conversational landmines. So today we’re talking about Political Stress Disorder and the dynamic of Outrage Addiction with Dr. Damir Utrzan, manager of Mental Health Services with Hazelden Betty Ford.

As we mention in the show, here are links to organizations that can help:

Hazelden Betty Ford offers on-line assessments and a number of options beyond addiction treatment.

And FGCU’s Community counseling Center is open to the public and provides counseling and consulting services to all Southwest Florida residents.