Grape Minds

Wednesday, February 21

A podcast that looks beyond the glass to the stories of winemaking, culture, and the history of the world’s most intriguing beverage. Hosts Julie Glenn and Gina Birch interview winemakers, talk with importers, and dig into the issues and nuances of wine in the modern world while always keeping it down to earth.  

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Julie Glenn / WGCU

Today on the show, Gina and Julie talk about how cheeky wine packaging might mislead a wine snob to think what is in the bottle is no good. They try the newest Rosé on the shelves called, simply, “Forty Ounce.” They dish on the genius of the “Marilyn Merlot” packaging (and the hefty price tag for a historic 12-bottle vertical).  And talk about a BOGO in the grocery store on a pair of wines that were worth the gamble.

To personify a wine grape is not a stretch - people do it all the time. While sometimes wine writers get carried away (I mean we’ve heard Syrah described as “voluptuous” a few too many times), there are definitely temperaments attributable to wine grapes and those can be compared with the signs of the Zodiac. It’s been a hobby of ours for years, and in this week’s episode of Grape Minds, we talk about the similarities between Taurus and the Malbec grape.

Etude Winemaker talks Pinot, Tall Bottles, and sell-out Rosé. The charming and effervescent winemaker behind Carneros powerhouse Etude, Jon Priest, stopped by the studio for this week’s Grape Minds. We talk about the long, tall Pinot Gris bottle (the Galliano of the wine shelf), the beguiling Pinot Noir grape, and a Santa Barbara County foray into by-the-glass tier wines. 


Allowing a wine to age can be a tricky business.  Guessing the exact best moment when wine is at its peak of integrated tannin, fruit and acidity is about as easy as catching a unicorn. But there are some loose guidelines out there to help those with the patience to actually age wine.  We’ll go over the aging windows for red and whites.  As for what’s happening inside the bottle when wine is aging? Well, we can share what little we were able to glean without getting a degree in chemistry.