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Lee County Black History Society celebrates Black History Month

Prayer Breakfast at Lee County History Society
Bryant Monteilh
Prayer Breakfast at Lee County History Society

In celebration of Black history month, the Lee County Black History Society organized a prayer breakfast this past weekend.

The food was served with love to warm the soul but the message and prayer was all about nourishing the mind with knowledge and remembrance of those who came before.

Educator and historian Jarrett Eady shared a presentation and talked about Black history and pioneers in Lee County. The root of the message; Black resistance for change.

Janice Cass is the founder and president emeritus for the Lee County Black History Museum and shares why Black history is vital when it comes to education, learning and living.

“It’s very essential now that we not go back. And that young people realize the significance of it. And that older people get more involved in and realize that as much as things have changed, they continue to stay the same and if we’re not careful, history can repeat its self," says Cass.

Jarrett Eady says it's important that African American youth learn about a history that is far too often not shared or taught.

“It is incumbent upon us to ensure that all of our kids can see themselves in social movements across this country. The fabric of the United States of America is embedded with the legacy of African American and the Black community," says Eady

The message of hope and change rings true, not just for Black History Month but throughout the year and years to come.

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