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Collier County Mosquito Control to hand out more mosquitofish

Collier County residents can receive free "mosquitofish" this week
Collier Mosquito Control District
Collier County Mosquito Control has handed out more than 24,000 mosquito fish since beginning a distribution program in 2018.

Collier County Mosquito Control District will again be distributing free mosquitofish to residents to help control the pesky, stinging insect.

The distribution will be at noon on Saturday, June 29, at Alchemist Kava Bar & Lounge in East Naples.

Since launching the program in 2018, the district has distributed over 24,000 of the voracious, Southwest Florida native fish.

If you have a small, contained area of water and want to control mosquito larvae, Collier Mosquito Control will distribute more mosquitofish at noon on Saturday, June 29, at Alchemist Kava Bar & Lounge in East Naples.

These Gambusia holbrooki from local freshwater canals are members of the guppy family and reach about 2″ in length — each one eats about 100 larvae daily.

The small fish thrive in containers and small bodies of standing water as well as in different temperatures and quality. Mosquitofish are a ecofriendly way to control mosquitos and protect health and comfort.

Collier Mosquito Control doesn’t recommend releasing mosquitofish into large ponds as they likely already have fish that eat mosquito larvae or systems to prevent larvae from developing in the first place. Small contained areas of water are perfect targets to be kept clear of mosquito larvae.

To learn more on the mosquitofish program or to request fish at the District headquarters on North Road or visit here.

Looking for mosquitofish outside of Collier County?

  • Lee County Mosquito Control… support@lcmcd.org or 239-694-2174
  • Charlotte County Mosquito Control …941.764.4370

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