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GCL Book Club: Julie DiCaro

Equality for women in the workplace is making some progress. But there’s one field—professional sports—that seems bizarrely untouched by any strides toward equality for women. Julie DiCaro, who’s been a sports reporter for more than a decade, writes about it in her fascinating book SIDELINED: SPORTS, CULTURE, AND BEING A WOMAN IN AMERICA. We will also hear about four new wonderful historical novels you may want to check out.

Buy the books you heard about on the show!

Sidelined, Julie DiCaro

The Show Girl, Nicola Harrison

Tuscan Daughter, Lisa Rochon

Undersong, Kathleen Winter

Letters to Amelia, Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Yours for Probably Always, Martha Gellhorn's Letters of Love and War, 1930-1949, by Janet Somerville
Audiobook read by Ellen Barkin