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Wendell Steavenson, Margot

Author Wendell Steavenson and Margot cover
Adrien Jaulmes
Author Wendell Steavenson and Margot cover

Wendell Steavenson’s new novel Margot tells the story of a young girl growing up wealthy in New York City and on Long Island. She’s an only child and her family made its money in steel. Her childhood and early adolescence are all cocktail parties, chauffeurs, nannies, and a mother who is very harsh and critical and a father who is mostly absent.

She comes of age in the 60s, when the world is changing. Her mother wants nothing more than for her to marry the right sort of man from their echelon in society, but Margot is thrilled by science and an intellectual life. The book takes us through Margot’s life to see which direction she heads into.

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