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Artsemble Underground

Artemble in studio
John Davis, WGCU
Artsemble Underground artists and founders Cesar Aguilera (left) and Brian Weaver (right)

The Southwest Florida-based arts organization Artsemble Underground LLC has been hard at work the past several years making art more prevalent and accessible to the entire community.

The organization brings together elements of Southwest Florida’s thriving arts scene and gives a platform to established and up-and-coming artists alike.

Artsemble Underground is perhaps most widely known for its efforts to change and enhance our local landscape with large-scale and beautiful mural pieces in public places. Such works aren’t just a boon for local businesses. They also activate our imaginations, and encourage us to engage more deeply in the spaces we occupy.

Artsemble Underground is currently recruiting artists to take part in a number of ongoing projects including monthly “Battle of the Arts” events and the latest edition of the Murals on Tour initiative. We take a closer look at artists and Artsemble Underground with founders Cesar Aguilera and Brian Weaver.